# MFC-CCH041

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The next step up from stock, Mofoco 041s were designed to solve the VW engine bogging issues that many Volkswagens with stock VW heads suffered from.

VW cylinder heads are the best "bang for your buck" on increasing horsepower in your Volkswagen engine. This is because horsepower comes primarily from two things:

- The size of the engine itself;
- The air flow and valve size of the heads.

Engine size can't be changed without installing larger pistons and barrels or a stroker crank... but, new vw cylinder heads can be changed without splitting the engine case.

Mofoco 041 VW heads are one step up from stock. Mofoco found that the stock Volkswagen heads did not have the correct intake to exhaust ratio, because the exhaust port was a little bit too big for the size of the intake port. This can cause your Volkswagen to "bog" when starting from a stop, because the exhaust port is out of proportion with the intake valve; causing the engine to dump raw, unburned fuel into the exhaust... robbing you of horsepower.

Mofoco solved this problem with our 041 cylinder head - by increasing the size of the intake valve while keeping the exhaust valve stock size... the airflow is mixed properly, no longer causing raw fuel to be wasted. This means you can stomp the gas at a stop sign and take off, instead of wasting a few seconds bogging the engine. Better air fuel mixture also greatly increases fuel economy as well!

Bringing the intake to exhaust ratio to the correct level isn't all that Mofoco did with our 041s. We added extra cooling fins to the castings, dropping the head tempuratures greatly. Increased fuel economy, a small boost in horsepower, and a cooler running engine... the best way to describe the Mofoco 041 in a sentence: The Mofoco 041 is how VW should have designed their heads in the first place.

Mofoco 041 Flow Numbers---Tested at 25" with an IDF Manifold

Lift                       Intake                   Exhaust

.100                       49                           39

.200                       83                           70

.300                      114                          91

.400                      128                          99

.500                      139                         105


Cast in Manitowac, Wisconsin
Machined in-house completely by Mofoco

This means the 041 is manufactured 100% in the United States... from the raw materials to make the casting, all the way to the final product to be installed on your engine. These 041 heads are not simply rebuilt off Brazil castings or made in China.

Detailed specifications for the MOFOCO 041 Cylinder Head:

  • Approved for unleaded, plain old gas station fuel!
  • Also safely runs with leaded, aviation, and racing fuels without modification
  • 39mm Intake Valve
  • 32mm Exhaust valve
  • 55cc No Step Combustion Chambers
  • Heavy Duty Springs
  • Aircraft Casting Technology from a foundry in Manitowac, Wisconsin
  • Smoother Port Design for Better Flow
  • Thicker Port Walls & Larger Intake Face
  • 3/4 Inch Reach Spark Plugs
  • More Cooling Fins than the competition - Thicker & Stronger
  • Thicker Combustion Chamber Ceiling
  • Standard Bore - larger sizes available
  • Silicon Brass Valve Guides
  • Three Angle Valve Job
  • Machined on CNC-NC Milling Machines

These come standard to fit stock 85.5 Cylinders. If you want larger bore please specify the size you need when placing your order below.

Note: These heads are priced individually. It is strongly recommended you purchase a pair for optimal performance

Mofoco 041s are designed to fit engines from 1600cc to 1914cc with a single carb. If you have a bigger cam and/or are running dual carbs, then Mofoco strongly recommends our 042 VW Heads for the best performance. If you need guidance on which heads or other upgrades would be the best choice for your air cooled VW setup, call our team of VW specialists at 414-963-1020 with the details and goals of your vehicle.

Price: $289.99
Flycutt and CC Heads

Please specify CC in the order notes section during checkout

Flycutt from 46cc to 54cc  $35.00
Flycutt from 45cc to 35cc  $65.00
Flycutt from 28cc to 34cc  $115.00
Stainless Steel Valves
Intake & Exhaust Stainless Steel   $25.00
Machine Head for Dual Plugs


Dual 12mm Spark Plugs  $100.00
Drill & Tap Fuel Injection Sensor
Fuel Injection Sensor (One Head)  $10.00
Dual Springs

Dual Springs are recommended for hi-rev applications and come with chromoly retainers.

Dual Springs/Chromoly Retainers  $40.00
Bore Size

Select the desired bore size. Standard size of 85.5mm & 87mm cylinders; 90.5/92mm or 94mm sizes are available.

85.5 / 87mm 
90.5/ 92mm  $25.00
94mm  $35.00
Quantity:  head