Type 1 Engine Case



# 043-101-025D
 Stock VW


This is a brand new New Universal Type 1,2,3 Magnesium Case.

Mofoco inspects each case to ensure the measurements are exactly OE specifications.

DEEP INSET NUMBER 3 CYLINDER STYLE; eliminates cracking of the engine case behind the flywheel area. Our dual port stud kits include the correct stud.

Don't settle for less than the best!


Price: $1350.00
Bore Size

Would you like your vw engine case bored for larger pistons and cylinders?

This case comes stock at 85.5/87mm bore. MOFOCO can machine the case to a larger bore on our CNC machine for an additional $100.

Stock 85.87mm Bore 
90.5/92mm Bore  $100.00
94mm Bore  $100.00
Full Flow
Drill & Tap Full Flow  $100.00

EMPI 98-0454-B HD Stock/Bubble Top 90.5/92/94mm Engine Case

# EMPI 98-0454-B

EMPI 98-0454-B Heavy Duty Stock/Bubble Top 94mm Engine Case

Engine cases are all new construction with numerous design features added in right from the start. All cases are made from high quality aluminum alloy and are fully CNC machined.

Case features:

"Bubble Top" raised -roof design which adds strength while allowing clearance for up to 84mm stroke cranks with full connecting rod clearance with additional machining. Universal Dual-Bypass Case Design for Type 1, 2 and 3 applications

Reinforced/Filled area behind #3 clyinder. Reinforced Head Stud Area

Drilled & Tapped for Full Flow - w/plugs supplied

Main Oil Gallery tapped for ease of cleaning. Grooved cam plug

Includes case alignment dowels and main bearing pins

Price: $1499.00