Mofoco on eBay

Where did randymofoco from ebay go?

MOFOCO has been developing for years, and in August 2012, we decided that our website is the best source for our customers to purchase air cooled vw products from us. Many of our customers have been purchasing from for several years now! There are no plans to resume selling on ebay in the future.

Are you randymofoco?

Yes! Any old listings for air cooled VW parts sold by randymofoco on eBay are available for purchase by searching our website, emailing, or calling us at 414-963-1020. If you found a part we used to sell on ebay that you don't see here, please call or email us to ask if we have it available!

I like paying for my air cooled vw products with PayPal. Do you accept PayPal on this website?

Absolutely. You don't even need to register an account on our website or fill out any tedious forms! Just add your parts to our SSL encrypted shopping cart, and after you calculate shipping costs, click "CHECK OUT WITH PAYPAL" and your billing & shipping information will automatically be provided to us by PayPal.

What buyer protection assurances do I have when I purchase from

While ebay has many buyer protection policies, ebay simply forwards most of them to PayPal and PayPal handles any disputes between the customer and the merchant. Completing your purchase from via PayPal means that you are still covered by these buyer protection policies.

What if I use my credit card? Is your website secure and is my financial information protected? goes above and beyond e-commerce requirements for customer credit card information protection. We have several measures in place to keep bad guys out. Even further, to assure customer protection even in the event that our website gets compromised, immediately after you submit your order your transaction is automatically processed directly to the credit card networks, and your credit card number is immediately and automatically erased from our system. None of us at Mofoco ever see your credit card number, and there are no customer financial records for would-be identity theives or hackers to steal from us. This whole process happens in less than three seconds!