New Stock Heads

Stock VW

Brand new replacement heads. These heads meet stock spec, and are built on brand new castings.

A great option if you would like stock heads, but don't want to go the rebuilt route.


New Type 1 Stock Dual Port Cylinder Head

# 043-101-355MO
 Stock VW

New VW Cylinder Head for Dual Port Type 1

SHIPS in 5-7 Business Days

Price: $249.99
Flycut and CC Heads
46cc to 54cc   $35.00
35cc to 45cc  $65.00
under 34cc  $115.00
Stainless Steel Valves
Intake and Exhaust  $25.00
Dual Springs
Dual Springs/Chromoly Retainers  $40.00
Bore Size
90.5/92  $25.00
94  $35.00

Cylinder Head, Oval Port, 1975-78 1/2 Type 4 VW Engine 039-101-061D

# 039-101-061D
 Stock VW

NEW 1800-2000cc Type 4 Cylinder Head

Fits 1974-1978 Type 4 air cooled VW

Unit is brand new, not rebuilt!

Sold EACH, if you want a pair you must order two of these Type 4 heads.

It is strongly advised to replace both heads at the same time for optimal performance.



Price: $595.90
Port and Polish
Port and Polish  $150.00
Bore for 96mm
Bore for 96mm  $40.00
Quantity:  head

2.0 L Vanagon Cylinder Head Square Port With Valves Brand New Sold Each

# 071-101-061D
 Stock VW

Brand new replacement square port cylinder head for a 2 Liter VW 1980-1983 Vanagon, also Type 4 Bus 1979

Valves Included!

Sold EACH. It is strongly recommended that you purchase two for optimum performance

Price: $575.00
Quantity:  head