New Stock Heads


Brand new replacement heads. These heads meet stock spec, and are built on brand new castings.

A great option if you would like stock heads, but don't want to go the rebuilt route.


Mofoco 040 Dual Port New Cast Stock Cylinder Head ***SCORE APPROVED***

# MFC-CCH040
MOFOCO boasts the only completely MADE IN USA VW Aircooled Cylinder Heads. The 040 head is a stock replacement cylinder head with 35.5mm intake valves and 32mm exhaust valves. We have specifically designed these castings for better cooling and better performance than original castings.
Price: $249.99
Stainless Steel Vavles
Intake & Exhaust  $25.00
Machine Head for Dual Plugs


Dual 12mm Spark Plugs  $100.00
Flycutt and CC Heads

All new Mofoco cast cylinder heads come standard with 55cc chambers.  If you need smaller chambers to increase the compression ratio on your engine, please choose from the options below.

Flycut from 46cc to 54cc  $35.00
Flycut from 35cc to 45cc  $65.00
Flycut from 28cc to 34cc  $115.00
Drill & Tap Fuel Injection Sensor
Fuel Injection Sensor (One Head)  $10.00
Dual Springs & Chromoly Retainers

Dual Springs are recommended for hi-rev applications and come with chromoly retainers.

Yes  $40.00
Bore Size*

Select the desired bore size. Standard size of 85.5mm & 87mm cylinders; 90.5/92mm or 94mm sizes are available.

85.5 / 87mm 
90.5 / 92mm  $25.00
94mm  $35.00
Quantity:  head

Mofoco 040A 40mmX35.5mm Cylinder Head DUAL 12mm spark plug holes, 92mm bore



MOFOCO manufactures the only truely MADE IN THE USA VW aircooled cylinder head on the marlet.  The 040A is specifically designed for constant run RPM engines.

Price: $995.00
Bore for 94mm
Flycutt and CC Heads

Please specify CC in the order notes section during checkout

Flycutt from 46cc to 54cc  $35.00
Flycutt from 45cc to 35cc  $65.00
Flycut from 28cc to 34cc  $115.00
Quantity:  head