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Mofoco Type 1 Hydraulic Cam and Lifter Kit


This is the ONLY Volkswagen Aircooled hydraulic kit on the market today which requires NO CASE MACHINING. Mofoco designed this kit over 25 years ago as pioneers in the market. Never adjust your lifters again! Fits all motors 1600cc and up.

Price: $384.95
Stock Hydraulic Camshaft
Stock Hydraulic Camshaft 
Straight Cut Cam Gear Upgrade
Straight Cut Cam Gear Set  $129.95
Performance Flat Camshaft
Engle 90  $100.00
Engle 100  $100.00
Engle 110  $100.00
Engle 120  $100.00
Clearance Cam for Stroker Motor

Mofoco Type 1 Hydraulic Lifters ONLY: Set of 8

# 113-109-309H
MADE IN THE USA: Type 1 Hydraulic LIfters. Set of 8 Lifters Only. Never do another valve adjustment again! Fits all motors 1600cc and up.
Price: $249.99