Mofoco is an authorized distributor for EMPI.

EMPI makes exact replacement parts for many air cooled VW products.

EMPI is an affordable alternative to OEM VW. If you are looking to save money, EMPI parts will get the job done.

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EMPI 9106 Fuel Shut Off Valve

Fits both stainless steel and aluminum gas tanks


Chrome Steering Shaft

7/8 x 60 long


EMPI 3373 Dune Buggy Duals Exhaust


EMPI 8809 1 3/4" Complete Air Cleaner Assembly Fits Weber Progress - DFV-DFEV-DFAV


EMPI 3586 Cal Look Rubber Kit

Type 1, 58-64, 4-piece Set

High quality window rubber made without molding groove for that smooth Cal-Look.


EMPI 3708 Dual Racing Exhaust System - Black

Dual Style exhaust features great looks and maximum horsepower. Slip-joints allow for easy installation. Comes in black with muffler inserts. Eliminates heater boxes. Fits 1200-1600cc engines with single or dual carburetors except 48's / 51's


EMPI 9441-B Street Model Centrifugal Advance Dstributor with Electronic Ignition Eliminates Points and Condenser

Street Distributors have an advance curve and same tune-up components as the 009 and come complete with O-ring.

(Must be used with a coil with an internal resistor or an external ballast resistor must be used)





Multiple die stamp forged from 4340 chromoly, 78.8mm Stoke. Cranks are the magna fluxed, shot peened and all journals are nitrided, precision ground and micro polished. Additional features include cross-drilled chamfered oil holes, dynamic balancing, 8 dowel and extra long 8mm dowel pins

VW Rod Journals

Note: stroker cranks require machining of case and possibly other internal components for rod clearance.


131-415-801B  Type 1 Adjustable Left Tie Rod 66-5/68


CV Drive Flange for VW Type 1 Transmission to Porsche 930 CV Joint


EMPI 16-2534 Single Pedal Assembly with Single Master Cylinder.

3/4" Brake/Clutch, fitting size is 1/8" NPT

Fully Polished with aluminum mounting bracket and high square reservoirs with easy fil cap


EMPI 16-2550 Brake Line Brass Fittings 1/8" NPT, 6pack


EMPI 16-2549 Clutch Slave Kit

Compatible with all hydraulic pedal assemblies.

Housing is tapped 1/8 NPT in two spots.  Female end of filtting is supplied is 3/8-24.  The other 1/8 NPT has a bleeder fitting in it


EMPI 16-9290 electric Speedometer to Cable Conversion Kit

This kit allows you to hook up an electronic speedometer into a Type 1 sedan without modifying your drums or rotors. The custom designed cable utilzes the OEM dust cap hole with an inductive sensor on the opposite end, which can be easily wired to your electronic speedometer


EMPI 16-9702 VW FULL FLOW OIL PUMP Thru 70, w/Flat Cam Gear, Each

Conventional oil filter to your engine with this 31.9mm oil pump with 1/4" NPT tapped inlet and outlet. 

Supplied with hardware and Gasket

Use P/N 9215 Fittings, Sold Seperately


EMPI 16-9713 VW FULL FLOW OIL PUMP 71 & Later, w/Dish Cam Gear, Each

Conventional oil filter to your engine with this 31.9mm oil pump with 1/4" NPT tapped inlet and outlet. 

Supplied with hardware and Gasket

Use P/N 9215 Fittings, Sold Seperately


EMPI 16-9901 6 Puck Clutch Disc

6 pads, 200mm with steel riveted hub


EMPI 16-9904 Bolt on Bowden Tube Bracket

Used for both Bowden tube and hydraulic clutch slave cylinders


EMPI 17-2817 Clutch Slave Heim End 3/8" -24 THD, 3/8" Ball, Each


EMPI 17-2883 Billet Slave Cylinder Bracket, Type 1, Each


 EMPI 21-4305 Lube A Lobe Lightweight Lifters


Sold in Sets of 8


EMPI 21-7510 Type 4 Cylinder Shim .010


EMPI 21-7520 Type 4 Cylinder Shim .020


VW Type 1 Replacement Rear Rotor BLANK. Short Spline. IRS & Swingaxle.


EMPI 22-2890 Replacement Brake Pads


EMPI 22-2975 Front Disc Brake Brackets Each


EMPI 22-5281-7 Type 1 IRS Rotor Spacer


EMPI 3158 Universal Shifter Box


EMPI 3182 Rear License Plate Bracket

Stock-style bracket bolt to rear deck lid.  Zinc Plated.

Fits Type 1,2,3 & 4

Origianl design was for 68-79 T-1

Heavy Duty Pressure Plate Type 1 EARLY 1970 & earlier

EMPI 3238 Stock Style Dual Port End Casting Kit

Stock Style Dual Port End Castings for the look and fit of stock.  Come complete with necessary clamps and new intake boots.  Flange has notch n it.  New not rebuilt.  For Type 1,2 & 3


EMPI 33-1065 Laser Sand Seal Pulley Bolt-In





For use with EMPI #7320


EMPI 3598 Rear Deck Lid Seal Type 1 50-77



Fits all Type 2 EMPI 3 bolt small flange headers in the 1:00 position


EMPI 3697 Swivel Flange Stinger, Chrome

The Swivel Flange Stinger Eliminates the guess work.  The stinger will rotate to any desired position until tightened.  




Type 1 only


EMPI 3703 Phat Boy Merged Muffler Stainless Steel Type 1 only


EMPI 3780-1 Fiberglass-Wrapped Baffle

Fiberglass Wrapped Baffles reduce back-pressure


22mm Tru-Arc Piston Pin Retainers

Fits all 1300-1600 Type 1 Engines

set of 8


EMPI 4395 Headliner Kit 68-77 Black

Features stock style vinyl and comes complete with door post covers.

Fits Type 1 and Super Beetle


EMPI 5001 Bench Mount Engine Stand

Mounts to work bench.  Features swivel head.  Use for holding engines or transmissions.  1 5/8" male tube that slides into mount.


EMPI 5007 Rolling Engine / Transmission Stand

Holds engine or transmission.  Features swivel head, HD Steel construction with metal casters for mobility.  Knock down style allows for UPS Shipments.





This kit has everything you need to install a crankshaft into a 1200-1600cc VW engine. 7 PC KIT

510 Items.  Showing Items 1 thru 48.
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