Type 4 VW Bus 1700/1800 and 2000cc Engine Rebuild Kit

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Type 4 VW Bus 1700/1800 and 2000cc Engine Rebuild Kit

VW Type 4 Engine Kit

Currently a FOUR WEEK wait time on all engine kits.


Base price of kit is for 1700/1800cc engines and includes the following:

  • New Victor Reinz Volkswagen air-cooled engine gasket set (Made in Germany)
  • New push rod tubes
  • New main bearings
  • New rod bearings
  • New cam bearings
  • New flywheel and crankshaft seals
  • New Lifters
  • Rebuilt German connecting rods
  • New pistons and barrels
  • Reground German cranskshaft
  • Reground German camshaft


Price: $1099.99
Upgrade to 2000cc

We will include the proper crankshaft and cam.

Stock 94mm pistons 029-198-075  $550.00
Stock Mahle 94mm pistons 311-198-094M  $750.00
96mm psitons and cylinders  $750.00
Hydraulic Package
Includes new push rods  $175.00
Add Cylinder Heads
New AMC Heads  $1095.00
Port and polish  $250.00
Camshaft Upgrade
Engle Performance Cam 6490  $275.00
Upgrade to NEW CW Crankshaft
4340 Chromoly CW Crankshaft  $500.00
Add New 228mm Flywheel
NEW 228mm Chromoly Forged Flywheel  $299.00