Street Torquer Complete 2007cc Motor

# MFC-CE2007OS
All new case engines are currently at a minimum of 24 weeks lead time. Rebuilt case engines are currently at a minimum of 16 weeks lead time. We are a family owned, performance, custom-build shop... and quality takes time. Buy with confidence directly from the engine builder. Mofoco has over 55 years of experience in the VW industry building aircooled VW engines.
Street Torquer Complete 2007cc Motor

This is the Complete version of our most popular stroker motor configuration. The 2007cc Outlaw Street Motor built by Mofoco to be the best street performance motor you can buy. It delivers the horsepower you are looking for, but still has the reliability you need. This motor is built with all new components and features Mofoco's exclusive 050 heads with D-shaped intake ports and is also the only VW aircooled cylinder head completely manufactured in the USA.All motors are priced with no exhaust so you can choose the option that best fits your needs


  • New AS41 Magnesium Engine Case
  • New 78mm 4340 Chromoly Counterweighted Crankshaft
  • New 90.5mm Pistons & Barrels
  • New Chromoly I-Beam Rods
  • New Lifters
  • New Engle W110 Performance Cam
  • New Mofoco Rasser "050" cylinder heads D - Shaped intake port; made purely in USA!
  • New Dual Weber 40 IDF Carburetors
  • 12LB Forged Lightened Flywheel - 8 Dowelled
  • New Solid Rocker Shafts
  • New Stock Doghouse Fan Shroud
  • New Doghouse Oil Cooler
  • New Alternator
  • New Filter Pump with spin on oil filter
  • New 009 Distributor
  • New Fuel Pump
  • Hot tested before leaving our facility
  • All engines come with a 12 month warranty.

All Motors are Hot Test Run at our facility before going out the door. With a complete, its the best way to go because we do all the initial work and all you have to do is the install. We run the motor for one to two hours and check anything and everything possible. We check the valves 2-3 times, we set the timing, adjust and sync the carbs, check the compression, check the oil pressure, the initial break-in on the cam is done and the rings are seated in the pistons.

Every motor is personally checked to make sure you have no problems upon installation.

Price: $7449.00
Alternator Upgrade
75AMP Alternator  $125.00
90AMP Alternator  $175.00
Deep Sump
1.5QT Deep Sump  $109.00
Heater Box Option
This option is to add either Dansk Heater Boxes or J-Tubes to your motor.
Dansk Heater Boxes  $400.00
J-Tubes  $25.00
No Exhaust 
Hydraulic Lifters & Cam
HYD KIT  $249.00
MAHLE-Forged Piston Upgrade
Mahle Forged Pistons  $300.00
MST Serpentine Belt System
Serpentine Belt System  $249.00
Muffler Options
Choose the muffler that best fits your application. Call or email if you have questions what is right for you.
Please choose fan shroud*
With heat ducts 
Without heat ducts 
Port & Polish
Port & Polish  $250.00
Powder Coat Sheet Metal
Powder Coat  $350.00
Chrome Package

This option will give your motor the chrome look you are looking for. Chrome package changes all black sheetmetal to chrome.

Chrome Package Upgrade  $150.00
Standard Black Sheetmetal 
Clutch - Stock or Performance

The performance clutch option includes a Kennedy 1700LB pressure plate, stock solid clutch disc and throwout bearing.

Stage 1 Performance Clutch Kit Early  $199.00
Stage 1 Performance Clutch Kit Late  $199.00
Stock Clutch Kit Early  $129.00
Stock Clutch Kit Late  $129.00
Electronic Ignition

Never set points again. This electronic ignition module kit replaces the points and the condensor. Electronic ignition offers more reliable and faster starting.

Electronic Ignition Points Replacement  $70.00