Street Performance - Series I (92mm Bore) Be1835

# MFC-BE1835
All new case engines are currently at a minimum of 24 weeks lead time. Rebuilt case engines are currently at a minimum of 16 weeks lead time. We are a family owned, performance, custom-build shop... and quality takes time. Buy with confidence directly from the engine builder. Mofoco has almost 55 years of experience in the VW industry building aircooled VW engines.
Street Performance - Series I (92mm Bore) Be1835

Street Performance - Series I.

A popular choice if you're looking to step up from a stock displacement engine.

Offers the same reliability as stock but gives you additional performance.


  • New engine case
  • STD/STD German crankshaft
  • Big bore Piston & Cylinders (92mm bore)
  • New blueprinted connecting rods
  • All new bearings
  • New Brazilian Lifters
  • New Engle Performance camshaft
  • High volume oil pump
  • Made in USA, MoFoCo 041 heads (39mm x 32mm heads)
  • 200mm 12 volt flywheel
  • Silicone rear main seal
  • Reconditioned German rocker arms
  • Balanced
  • Hot test run before shipping
  • 12 month warranty
Price: $4299.00
Filter Pump Upgrade
Extend the life of your motor by adding on a filter oil pump with spin on filter.
Spin on filter pump  $70.00
Performance Clutch
The performance clutch option includes a Kennedy 1700LB pressure plate, stock solid clutch disc and throwout bearing.
Performance Clutch Upgrade  $175.00
Rocker Shafts Choice*
Upgrade to solid rocker shafts to reduce valve train noise.
Standard Rocker Shafts 
Solid Rocker Shafts  $95.00
Flywheel Choice*
Add a lightened flywheel to your motor to improve acceleration at the line. Not Recommended for Bus applications
Standard Flywheel 
12lb Lightened Flywheel  $60.00
Crankshaft Choice*

Upgrade the stock crankshaft to a 69mm counterweighted crankshaft. Designed to improve balance in the motor, reduce wear on the case, and extend the life of your motor.

Standard Crankshaft 
69mm Counterweighted Crankshaft  $249.95
Hydraulic Package
This is Mofoco's exclusive Hydraulic Cam and Lifter kit which will save you from having to ever adjust lifters again. This kit includes hydraulic camshaft, hydraulic lifters and chromoly push rods.
Hydraulic Cam and Lifter Kit   $199.00
Cylinder Head Upgrade
Add 042's  $100.00