Series I Performance Complete (69mm X 90.5mm Bore) CE1776

# MFC-CE1776
All new case engines are currently at a minimum of 24 weeks lead time. Rebuilt case engines are currently at a minimum of 16 weeks lead time. We are a family owned, performance, custom-build shop... and quality takes time. Buy with confidence directly from the engine builder. Mofoco has over 55 years of experience in the VW industry building aircooled VW engines.
Series I Performance Complete (69mm X 90.5mm Bore) CE1776

The ideal turn key performance engine for mild applications in street, off-road, dune buggy, or kit-car vehicles. You recieve a turn key engine where all you have to do is add your clutch assembly; install the motor, attach all the wiring and fuel lines, and then your're ready to turn the key to start your vehicle. It's that simple!  It has been test run and tuned so when you install your engine you have no adjustments to make!

All engines come with a 12 month warranty.


  • New Brazil AS41 Engine Case
  • Stock Forged Crankshaft (69m Stroke)
  • Blueprinted Connecting Rods
  • Piston & Barrel Set (90.5mm Bore)
  • Stock Flywheel
  • Mofoco "041" Heads (39mm x 32mm Valves)
  • New lifters
  • HD Oil Pump
  • Chrome Valve Covers
  • Stock Dog House Fan Shroud
  • New Alternator
  • Clone 009 Distributor
  • Bosch Blue Coil
  • Bosch Silicone Wires
  • New 34 Pict 3 Carb
  • New Fuel Pump
  • New Stock Sheetmetal
  • Misc. Stock Tin Work
  • Hot test run
  • 12 month warranty
Price: $6299.00
Please choose fan shroud*
With heat ducts 8673  
Without heat ducts 8672 
Powder Coat Sheet Metal
AutoStick - Oil Pump & Flexplate
Oil Pump & Flexplate  $199.00
Oil Sump Deep Sump
1.5 Quart Deep Sump  $99.00
Performance Clutch
Stage 1 Clutch Kit Early  $199.00
Stage 1 Clutch Kit Late  $199.00
Serpentine Belt System
Serpentine Belt System 1888  $249.00
OE Reconditioned German Sheetmetal - Black
OE German Sheetmetal  $150.00
Counterweighted Crankshaft Upgrade
69mm Counterweight Crank 10692  $249.95
Stainless Steel Push Rod Tubes
SS PR Tubes 8521  $45.00
Chrome Package

This option will give your motor the chrome look you are looking for. Chrome package changes all black sheetmetal to chrome.

Chrome Package Upgrade  $150.00
Carburetor Choice*

Choose the carburetor to best fit your application!

New 34 pict 3 Carburetor 
Dual Kadrons  $350.00
Dual Weber 40s  $599.00
Weber Progressive  $300.00
Rocker Shafts*

Upgrade the stock rocker shafts to solid rocker shafts to reduce valve train noise.

Standard Rocker Shafts 
Solid Rocker Shafts  $95.00
Flywheel Choice*

Add a lightened flywheel to your motor to improve acceleration at the line. Not Recommended for Bus applications.

Standard Flywheel 311-105-271CH 
12lb Lightened Flywheel 311-105-271LCH  $60.00
Heads Choice*

Select Mofoco 041 headers (standard) or upgrade to Mofoco 042 headers.

Standard 041 Heads 
Mofoco 042 Heads  $100.00
Push Rods Choice*

Upgrade the stock push rods to chromoly push rods.

Standard Push Rods PR1001 
Chromoly Push Rods  $25.00
Filter Pump Upgrade

Extend the life of your motor by adding on a filter oil pump with spin on filter.

Spin on Filter Pump  $70.00
Clutch Kit Addon*

Clutch Kit Includes: Disc, Pressure Plate, and Throw Out Bearing.

No Clutch Kit 
Early Clutch Kit - Fits 1970 and older  $129.00
Late Clutch Kit - Fits 1971 and newer  $129.00
AutoStick Clutch  $199.00
Electronic Ignition

Never set points again. This electronic ignition module kit replaces the points and the condensor. Electronic ignition offers more reliable and faster starting.

Electronic Ignition Points Replacement  $70.00
Heater Box Option
This option is to add either Dansk Heater Boxes or J-Tubes to your motor.
Dansk Heater Boxes  $400.00
J-Tubes  $25.00
Muffler Options
Choose the muffler that best fits your application. Call or email if you have questions what is right for you.
Stock Muffler with tail pipes  $129.00
EMPI 3414 4-Tip Header  $159.00
Try Mill Made in USA 2-Tip Header  $225.00
Hydraulic Package

This is Mofoco's exclusive Hydraulic Cam and Lifter kit which will save you from having to ever adjust lifters again. This kit includes hydraulic camshaft, hydraulic lifters and chromoly push rods.

Hydraulic Cam and Lifter Kit  $199.99