Rebuilt Bug IRS Transmission 71-72

# MFC-RBT17172
Rebuilt Bug IRS Transmission 71-72

Remanufactured VW IRS Transmission for 1971 & 1972 Beetles and Ghias, will also fit some Dune Buggies. Comes with a one year warranty.

This is your easiest, quickest and most convenient way to replace a malfunctioning transmission. We have been rebuilding vw transmissions for over 30 years and every rebuilt vw transmission goes thru a rigorous process of cleaning, inspecting, rebuilding and testing to ensure that it will function properly for you upon installation.

All air cooled Volkswagen transmissions are road tested in an actual vehicle to check upshifts, downshifts, and reverse. All transmissions come with a One Year Parts Warranty. We also make it easy for you by having NO CORE REQUIRED; which means there is no hassle of sending us your old core or hidden extra expenses that are common with our competitors.

This transmission is Rebuilt off Original German Core Transmissions. This means the cases are 40+ years old. They will not be cosmetically perfect and most likely will have some pitting. All transmission cases are bead blasted, inspected, and painted with heavy duty high temp rust protectant paint. If you are buying this transmission for a show car, I highly suggest spending the extra money if you are in need of a cosmetically perfect apperance. Otherwise the Original German Case will function perfectly for your driving needs

This rebuilt 71/72 VW Beetle transmission is ready to install and ready to drive so you can get back on the road doing what you love, driving your VW.

Gear Ratio info for the Mofoco rebuilt 71 and 72 IRS Transmission:

  • 1st gear: 380
  • 2nd gear: 206
  • 3rd gear: 126
  • 4th gear: 0.88
  • Ring and Pinion (final drive ratio): 4.12
Price: $999.00
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New Transmission Case  $650.00
Transmission Mount Kit 3pcs
All mounts for transmission  $35.00
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