# MFC-CH1375A
Rebuilt heads will ship in 10-12 Weeks

Remanufactured Volkswagen

O.E. Dual Port Cylinder Head

These are Rebuilt Original Equipment German Dual Port VW cylinder Heads. Take note that these are original cores (30 years old) that are rebuilt. They will not be cosmetically perfect, but all critical areas are checked. A three angle valve job is performed and a valve seat leakdown test is performed to ensure they are sealing correctly before we send them to you.

Understand that many, if not most, rebuilt vw heads will be welded on, and will not be cosmetically perfect... because we are working with cores that may be 30 years old. We do all the welding and rebuilding... you simply need to bolt them back onto your vw engine once you receive them. Orders using our cores will ship in four to six weeks.

Note: Cores for these heads are rather hard to come by, please call us at 1-800-558-8955 (toll free) or 414-963-1020, or email us at before ordering to check for current core availability.

Have your own heads? Mofoco can rebuild them! You may either ship them to us, or drop them off at our store in Milwaukee, WI. (Click here for our shop location.) Orders using cores that you provide will ship in approximately two weeks after receiving your cores.

Note: Our rebuilt vw cylinder heads are priced Individually. It is strongly recommended to purchase two for ideal VW motor performance.

Price: $199.99
Bore Heads
85.5 / 87mm 
90.5/ 92mm  $25.00
94mm  $35.00
Stainless Steel Valves
Intake & Exhaust Stainless  $25.00
Quantity:  head