New Type 1 Stock Dual Port Cylinder Head

# 043-101-355MO
 Stock VW
New Type 1 Stock Dual Port Cylinder Head

This is a Brand new type 1 cylinder head that is cast outside the USA.  We buy the bare head, remove and replace the valve guides with a Made in the USA brand, hone the inner diameter, do a fresh 3 angle valve job, assemble with our own valves, springs, retainers and keeper, and vaccum check for a good seal.

These upgrades will insure your head is ready to install when you take it out of the box.  You can also upgrade to stainless steel valves, bore the head for larger cylinders, add dual springs and have us custom machine the chamber volume for your exact needs.

Price: $249.99
Flycut and CC Heads
46cc to 54cc   $35.00
35cc to 45cc  $65.00
under 34cc  $115.00
Stainless Steel Valves
Intake and Exhaust  $25.00
Dual Springs
Dual Springs/Chromoly Retainers  $40.00
Bore Size
90.5/92  $25.00
94  $35.00