New MoFoCo Aircooled Dual Port 1600cc Longblock Bus, Bug, Type 3 NE161

# MFC-NE161
All new case engines are currently at a minimum of 24 weeks lead time. Rebuilt case engines are currently at a minimum of 16 weeks lead time. We are a family owned, performance, custom-build shop... and quality takes time. Buy with confidence directly from the engine builder. Mofoco has almost 55 years of experience in the VW industry building aircooled VW engines.
New MoFoCo Aircooled Dual Port 1600cc Longblock Bus, Bug, Type 3 NE161


The longblock consists of the basic bottom end of a VW Aircooled motor. It consists of a VW block, piston & cylinders, cylinder heads along with a flywheel and oil pump and everything in between. This is considered the more technical part of the motor and it is tougher to machine and assemble for the at home "Do It Yourself-ers". So we take care of the bottom end and you take care of the top end. You will responsible for swapping your sheetmetal, intake, exhaust, carb, distributor, coil, wires on to this bottom end that we provide you.

All of our longblocks are Hot Test Run meaning we actually put our own top end equipment on there so we can run your motor and not just "bench" test it. We do this to ensure the motor is running perfectly before we send it out to you. We adjust the valves numerous times, check the oil pressure, check for any leaks, check compression and do the basic break in for you before you receive. This is how we ensure that the motor is 100% perfect before we send it out and we know that you will have zero problems. On top of that, we even put a 12 month warranty to go with it.

Buy with Confidence!

We have been building VW Aircooled motors since 1970.

Engine Specifications & Components

  • New Dual Relief Magnesium Engine Case & Hardware
  • Reground Forged German crankshaft - better than a new Brazilian cast crank
  • Rebuilt German Connecting Rods
  • All New steel backed Main, Rod & Cam Bearings
  • New Stock Camshaft & Lifters
  • New Stock Flywheel
  • All New Gaskets & Seals (Elring - German)
  • New Oil Pump
  • New Valve Covers
  • New 85.5 Pistons & Barrels
  • New Mofoco Made In USA 040 Cylinder Heads
  • Hot test run before leaving our facility
  • 12 month warranty
Price: $3999.00
Counterweighted Crankshaft
69mm Counterweight Crankshaft   $249.95
Hydraulic Lifters
Lifters, Push Rods & Hydraulic Camshaft  $199.00
Solid Rockershafts
Filter Pump
Lightened Flywheel
Stainless Steel Push Rod Tubes
SS PR Tubes  $35.00
041 Head Upgrade
041 Cylinder Head Upgrade  $20.00
Stainless Steel Valves - Intake & Exhaust
Stainless Valve Set  $50.00
Cam Upgrade
W90 Cam  $75.00
Clutch Kit - Disc, Pressure Plate, Throwout Bearing
Early Kit (Pre 1969)  $124.99
Late Kit (1970 Later)  $124.99
Auto Stick Oilpump and Flexplate

When you are installing a motor with an auto-stick transmission, you will need the correct oil pump and flex plate. This will insure you have no problems when doing the install.

Auto Stick Oilpump and Flexplate  $199.00