MOFOCO "Build Your Own Engine Kit" 1600cc-1914cc

# MFC BEK1600
MOFOCO "Build Your Own Engine Kit" 1600cc-1914cc


VW 1600CC to 1914CC ENGINE KIT


*This engine kit is assembled to order.* We need to know what your align bore is to minimize wait time.

Currently a 2 week wait time on all engine kits.

Base Price of Kit Includes:

  • New Victor Reinz 1600cc Volkswagen air-cooled engine gasket set (Made in Germany)
  • New Brazillian push rod tubes
  • New Brazillian main bearings
  • New Brazillian rod bearings
  • New Brazillian cam bearings
  • New German Flywheel seal
  • New Lifters
  • Choose Rebuilt German Connecting Rods or Brand New Rods
  • New Oil Screen
  • Fits all Volkswagon air cooled 1600cc engines

You must let us know if your case has been align bored or thrust cut so we can include the proper bearings. If you don't let us know we will send standard bearings.

Price: $699.00
Push Rod Tube Selection*
Standard Steel Push Rod Tubes 311-109-335 
Stainless Steel Push Rod Tubes 8521  $50.00
Piston Size*
85.5mm 1600cc Piston & Cylinder Kit  
87mm 1641cc Piston & Cylinder Kit 311-198-087CH  $60.00
90.5mm 1776cc Piston & Cylinder Kit  $95.00
92mm 1835cc Piston & Cylinder Kit 311-198-092  $105.00
94mm 1914cc Piston & Cylinder Kit 311-198-094  $110.00
69mmGerman Forged Reground MFC-CS311F  $129.00
69mm New Stock Cast Crankshaft  $159.00
69mm Counterweight Crankshaft 10692  $210.00
Flat Cam 70 & Earlier  $70.00
Dish Cam 71 & Later 113-109-021G  $70.00
New Engle W100 w/gear  $119.00
New Engle W110 Camshaft w/gear  $119.00
New Engle W120 Camshaft w/gear  $129.00
Lifters (Cam Followers)*
Stock Lifters 113-109-309C 
30mm Hi Performance Lifters  $30.00
Connecting Rods*
Stock Rebuilt German Rods CR311B 
New Stock Connecting Rods 
New I-Beam Connecting Rods 8351  $99.00
Straight Cut Gear Set
Straight Cut Gear Set  $129.00
What is your align bore size?*

What is your align bore size?

What is your thrust cut size?*

Has your engine case been thrust cut?

Add Cylinder Heads

Looking for new cylinder heads to go with your engine kit?

You can add specially priced MoFoCo cylinder heads to your order!

Just click below and we will bore them for free ($70 value)!

Pair of 041's  $510.00
Pair of 042's  $630.00
050 Rassers  $680.00
Pair of 050's  $720.00