High Performance IRS Transmission Type 1

High Performance IRS Transmission Type 1

This is a High Performance remanufactured VW IRS Transmission available in three different configurations depending on what model / year you are working on. This transmission is designed to replace your stock unit with a high performance version that is stronger and will withstand higher horsepower & rougher usage.

This is the easiest, quickest, and most convenient way to replace a malfunctioning transmission in your VW Beetle or Ghia. We have been rebuilding these transmissions for over 30 years. Every rebuilt VW transmission goes through a rigorous process of cleaning, inspecting, rebuilding, and testing to ensure that it will function properly for you upon installation.

All Aircooled Volkswagen transmissions are road tested in an actual vehicle to check upshifts, downshifts, and reverse. Every transmission comes with a One Year Parts Warranty. We'll even make it easier for you by having NO CORE REQUIRED! This eliminates the hassle of sending us your old core and all the extra expenses associated with it.

These are Rebuilt ORIGINAL German Cores and are anywhere from 30-40 years old. These will not be cosmetically perfect and will have some pitting on the transmission case. Each transmission is bead blasted, inspected and painted with heavy high quality rust protectant paint. While we do paint every unit black we are more than happy to accommodate you. Send us the paint you like and we'll use it for your project! If this transmission is intended for a show car, we highly suggest spending the extra money for a brand new rhino case which will be cosmetically perfect.

Specifications of the rebuilt High Performance VW IRS Transmission:

  • Heavy duty aluminum billet side cover
  • Super differential with 4 spyder gears
  • Heavy duty shift forks
  • Stock 4.12 ring & pinion


Price: $1399.00
Powder Coat Case
Powder Coat  $200.00
Please Select Model / Year of Vehicle*
1969/1970  $100.00
1971/1972  $100.00
1973 & later  $150.00
Brand New Rhino Case
New Transmission Case 98-3001-B  $650.00
Extra Side Cover
2 Billet Side Covers - 16-9903  $50.00
Transmission Mount Kit 3pcs
1969-1972 Models  $30.00
1973 & later Models  $35.00
Clutch Kit: Disc, Plate, TO Bearing
1969 & 1970 Kit  $129.00
1971 & Later Models Kit  $129.00
Early High Performance Clutch  $249.00
Late High Performance Clutch  $249.00
Freeway Flyer 0.82 4th Gear
Freeway Flyer 0.82 4th - G082S-4 Gear   $300.00
New CV Axle Assembly 60-6900
New EMPI axles inc CV Joints & Boots (Pair)  $199.00
Flip Ring and Pinion
Reverse rotating engines  $150.00