212/40/10 TYPE 1-2-3 1200CC -2332CC OVERSIZE MAIN BEARINGS

# LBB-212/40/10
212/40/10 TYPE 1-2-3 1200CC -2332CC OVERSIZE MAIN BEARINGS


Type 1-2-3 1200cc -2332cc .080 Thrust / .040 on Case / .010 Crank Journal

VWP 111-198-483OS2

When ordering main bearing you must know several items. 
We refer to oversize main bearings as to Line bore bearings because the engine case will be line bored
To know what you need please have a machine shop familiar with vw line boring.

If you need your Engine case Line Bored we do offer that Service.
Main Journal Line Bore is  $50
and an additional $50 for cutting the Thrust which include cutting the bearing to match the case.

Our numbering system is basis and simple to understand.

The 1st number in the part number is  the Thrust Size of the case;
which is the dimension between the 2 flanges on the rear bearing that fits on the case.
Please measure the case for this measurement!
111 - identifies a std thrust size (standard size is .865)
112 - identifies a 1st oversize (.825)
212 - identifies 2nd oversize (.785)

The 2nd number in the part number is the over size bore that the case was align bored to.
we offer bearing in the following overs sizes.
.020 equals 20
.040 equals 40
.060 equals 60

The 3rd and final number is the crankshaft main journal measurement!
STD = 2.165
10 = 2.155 (.010 under)
20 = 2.145 (.020 under)
30 = 2.135 (.030 under)
40 = 2.125 (.040 under)

Price: $49.99