Mofoco Type 1 Hydraulic Cam and Lifter Kit

Mofoco Type 1 Hydraulic Cam and Lifter Kit

Volkswagen Bug, Beetle, Type 1 aircooled hydraulic kit

This is the ONLY Volkswagen Aircooled hydraulic kit on the market today that requires NO CASE MACHINING! Mofoco designed this kit over 20 years ago back in 1989 as pioneers in the market. Never adjust your lifters again! Fits all motors 1600cc and up.

Hydraulic lifters reduce lifter noise, cam wear, and extend the life of your motor.

To set these, you simply turn the adjuster screw in 1 1/2 turns after zero lash.

Once they are set, you can forget about them! So easy to install, you'll wonder why you waited so long!

Kit includes:

  • Hydraulic Dish Camshaft - Multiple Grinds Available, Specify Motor Size/Carbs when ordering
  • New hydraulic push rods
  • New hydraulic lifters
Price: $299.00
Performance Flat Camshaft
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