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1888 Serpentine Belt System

1888 Serpentine Belt System

1888 Serpentine Belt System

New Billet Serpentine Belt System stops the problems of broken alt./gen. pulleys and thrown belts. The flat mult-groved belt and idler pulley help reduce drag and lost power while increasing cooling efficiency and reliability. Serpentine Belts run with less noise and heat than old style V belts. Easy to install. The belt tensioner bracket is held in position by the alt./gen. stand base bolts, just bolt it on.

The standard size pulleys suppled in this kit are CNC machined from aluminum billets. The crank pulley is CNC engraved with timing marks and numbers.

Fits all upright, air-cooled, VW engines. The pulleys will NOT work when OE Mexico Alernator Stands are used. You must use a Stock Style Alt/Gen Stand instand.

Price: $200.00
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