Type 1 Engine Case


MOFOCO "Street Stroker" Brand New Magnesium Engine Case 043-101-025D

# 043-101-025D/92/94


This is a brand new New Universal Type 1,2,3 Magnesium Case that has been CNC machined for 84mm crank clearance and bored for 90.5/92 or 94.

We also machine the pressure relief bores to insure no oil pressure leakage at idle and no stuck pressure relief pistons.

Next, we debur all the machined edges so there is no hand work when you get it.

Finally, we deep tank clean the case in our sonic cleaning machine and then blow 160lbs of air pressure through all the ports before shipping. This way, the case is ready for assembly when you get it.

Mofoco inspects each case to ensure the measurements are exactly OE specifications.

DEEP INSET NUMBER 3 CYLINDER STYLE; eliminates cracking of the engine case behind the flywheel area. Our dual port stud kits include the correct stud.

Don't settle for less than the best!