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VW Engine Kits


MoFoCo 20th Anniversary Bugfest T-Shirts

# 1-1-1

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Price: $19.99
Shirt Size*
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MOFOCO "Build Your Own Engine Kit" 1600cc-1914cc

# MFC BEK1600
VW 1600cc-1914cc ENGINE KIT
Choose Your Own Configuration
See item page for full list of included parts.

Price: $249.00
Push Rod Tube Selection*
Standard Steel Push Rod Tubes 
Stainless Steel Push Rod Tubes  $20.00
Piston Size*
85.5mm 1600cc Piston & Cylinder Kit  
87mm 1641cc Piston & Cylinder Kit   $30.00
90.5mm 1776cc Piston & Cylinder Kit  $60.00
92mm 1835cc Piston & Cylinder Kit  $60.00
94mm 1914cc Piston & Cylinder Kit   $75.00
69mmGerman Forged Reground  $129.00
69mm New Stock Cast Crankshaft  $159.00
69mm Counterweight Crankshaft  $179.00
New Stock Flat Cam 70 & Earlier  $70.00
New Stock Dish Cam 71 & Later  $70.00
New Engle W100 w/gear  $119.00
New Engle W110 Camshaft w/gear  $119.00
New Engle W120 Camshaft w/gear  $129.00
Lifters (Cam Followers)*
Stock Lifters 
31mm Hi Performance Lifters  $30.00
Connecting Rods*
Stock Rebuilt German Rods 
New Stock Connecting Rods 
New I-Beam Connecting Rods  $99.00
What is your align bore size?*

What is your align bore size?

What is your thrust cut size?*

Has your engine case been thrust cut?

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